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Vomit kit

Vomit kit


Essential for anyone experiencing vomiting

  • 1 support and 6 hygienic envelopes
  • Makes the collection, transport and disposal of vomiting safer
  • Prevents the proliferation of odors
  • Reduces cleaning chores
  • Reduces the risk of splashes and spills
  • Limits the spread of infections
  • Easy to use


Used with hygienic envelopes, the Hygie® vomit support with handle is the quick and efficient solution to manage body fluids.

The large receptacle reduces the risk of splashes and spills, and contamination of your environment. The superabsorbent pad in each envelope is designed to gel 600ml and more of body fluids in seconds.

The multiple handles around the stand allow a better grip for greater stability.

The vomit kit helps reduce the time it takes to remove body fluids and wash soiled equipment.

The stand is made entirely from a durable and recyclable polypropylene plastic.

It is essential for anyone experiencing vomiting.