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How can our seniors maintain their personal hygiene practices?

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Comment nos aînés peuvent-ils conserver leurs pratiques d’hygiène personnelle ?

Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling the urge to use the bathroom can be overwhelming, especially if you have mobility restrictions. Getting out of bed, groping to your destination, defecating and going back to bed is tedious and very inconvenient. For the elderly and people with reduced mobility, in addition to waking up various people in the household, going to the toilet represents perilous dangers. What could happen if the person slips involuntarily while using the bathroom? If all the more the person lives alone, which is not uncommon, would help arrive instantly?

Fortunately, older people don't have to worry about these nerve-wracking experiences. Recent technologies have created a variety of independent living products that allow seniors and people with mobility challenges to move around safely and comfortably with little or no assistance.

The Facilli-T  Commode or Autonomy Chair are self-  contained medical devices that provide assistance in the bedroom and bathroom. For elderly people who are weak and lacking in stability, owning a toilet chair can be especially helpful. These equipments provide convenience since the users do not need to go away and experience more discomfort. People who have problems with balance and movement are often at risk of falling in the bathroom. Wet bathroom floors also contribute to this risk. More often, for fear of falling, people with reduced mobility go so far as to avoid using the bathroom on their own.

Family members need to understand why older people are afraid of the toilet. If you've ever had a fall, you should know what it feels like to be helpless in such circumstances. Statistics show that 29 million falls were recorded in 2014, resulting in approximately seven million injuries. This reveals that falls are the leading cause of injury death in the United States. In nursing homes, half of seniors have such an experience every year. *

Commode chairs reduce the possibility of falling because they make it easier for seniors to access the toilet. The Hygie brand Facilli-T ™  commode chairs function like a portable toilet, with a removable seat (covered with a liner and super-absorbent pad ), to reduce user travel to the toilet.

Facilli-T   for the aging population creates a sense of security and autonomy. Similar to a standard 3-in-1 composite commode, it can easily be converted from a portable toilet to a chair placed over a toilet bowl to a raised seat. You don't have to worry about going to the toilet at night as it can be placed near the bed with ahygienic covercontaining an absorbent pad to cover the open bottom of the seat for hygiene. Its one-piece shape is very robust, and does not even corrode.

The commode is adjustable to suit the height of the user. Very elegant, it is comfortable, and is not as cold as a regular toilet. If not in use, you can fold it up and store it discreetly in a closet or under the bed. It also has stable arms to support the user and these armrests are removable, for easy storage when not in use.

In conclusion, these Facilli-T  commode chairs are independent living products offering a lot of privacy for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. They ensure the physical safety and personal hygiene safety of its users, while allowing you to continue living your way of life, as it was.

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