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HYGIE commode chair bottomless seat

HYGIE commode chair bottomless seat


For a safe toilet!

  • Ergonomic
  • Easy handling
  • Safe, robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with absorbent hygienic envelopes


The bottomless “Hygie” seat is used in combination with an absorbent hygienic cover for a commode chair and allows easy collection of urine and stool.

This ergonomic seat is designed for any person, man or woman, requiring a commode chair, whether at home or in a healthcare establishment.

The seat is hardwearing and easy to clean.

The “Hygie” bottomless commode seat promotes good hygiene practices. It requires the use of the hygienic cover which absorbs body fluids in seconds, blocks odors, limits the spread of pathogens and is easily eliminated without the need for cleaning.

This seat is used with the HYGIE Alu-Classic commode chair - 9kg  and the HYGIE Classic commode chair - 22kg .