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Bedpan kit

Bedpan kit


A system adapted to your needs and without cleaning

  • 1 support and 6 hygienic envelopes
  • Makes collection, transport and disposal safer
  • Prevents the proliferation of odors
  • Reduces cleaning chores
  • Reduces the risk of splashes and spills
  • Limits the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Easy to use


The bedpan kit allows you to effectively manage and contain biological liquids and solids in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It also allows your caregivers to adopt the best method for decreasing the number of steps required to handle bedpans, which helps reduce odors, the risk of splashing and the spread of infections.

Used with the hygienic envelopes for bedpan or commode chair,the Hygie® Bedpan Support is the perfect solution to contain biological fluids and, in addition, promotes safe and reliable practices in healthcare. The superabsorbent pad in each envelope is designed to gel 700ml and more body fluids in seconds.

The Hy21® Bedpan Support combines the characteristics of the orthopedic bedpan and those of the standard bedpan by offering a 2-in-1 design. Hy21® technology is revolutionary since it facilitates handling while being applicable to all users who require a basin.

The Hygie® Basin Support reduces the time invested in handling biological fluids, cleaning and disinfecting soiled equipment.

ERGONOMIC The handles on the Hygie® Basin Support allow easier and more efficient handling

The edges of the basin offer great stability as well as better comfort for users.

The unique angled design of the Hygie® Bedpan Support greatly reduces movement during use and thus increases safety.

ECOLOGICAL The Hygie® Basin Support is made entirely of polypropylene, a durable and recyclable plastic. The hygienic envelopes are made from recycled materials.