Hygienic covers for urinal support


No more bucket cleaning!

  • Box of 10 covers
  • Makes urine collection, transportation and disposal safer
  • Blocks odors
  • Makes cleaning chores much easier
  • Reduces spilling and splashing risks
  • Limits the spread of harmful germs
  • Made of recycled materials
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The urinal hygienic cover allows people of all ages to urinate discreetly in any circumstance (bed, armchair, car, travel). In addition, using this cover simplifies the work of caregivers and provides additional protection during the transportation and disposal of urine.

The super-absorbent pad contained in each cover is unique: it absorbs and solidifies 600 ml and more of urine within a few seconds. It lowers the risk of splashing and spilling and also the risk of harmful germs spreading.

This Hygie urinal hygienic cover is easy to use. After using, simply tie and discard it.


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Weight 0,33 kg
Dimensions 24.84 x 5.08 x 15.08 cm


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