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GO PEE recharge

GO PEE recharge


The GO PEE® refill is designed to be used with the GO PEE® holder which allows you to urinate wherever you are.

  • 3 bags per package


A  100% hygienic, 100% discreet product made from recycled materials. In addition to having a most sympathetic name,  GO PEE ® .

This small, simple and compact system consists of a hygienic bag that covers a small rubber ring.

Inside the bag is a superabsorbent pad that magically gels the liquid in seconds. Women can finally pee while standing, just slip under the skirt or slip into the pants.

After using, simply remove the bag from the ring (which by the way will always stay clean because it is protected by the sanitary bag) and tie the cords in a knot. Since the liquid is gel-like, you can put it in your backpack, it will be odorless and above all damage-free.