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HYGIENIC envelopes for vomit support

HYGIENIC envelopes for vomit support


Makes collecting vomit so easy!

  • Box of 10 envelopes
  • Reduces the risk of splashes and spills
  • Makes the collection, transport and disposal of vomiting safer
  • Prevents the proliferation of odors
  • Reduces cleaning chores
  • Limits the spread of harmful bacteria


The vomit envelope with its superabsorbent pad avoids the usual inconveniences during episodes of vomiting: splashes, odors, and soiled laundry.

Easy to use, the vomit cover simplifies use by the user and family caregivers and provides better protection during the elimination of body fluids. The vomit envelope makes vomiting less degrading for the sufferer and reduces the risks for those around him.

The superabsorbent pad contained in each envelope is unique: it absorbs and gels 600ml and more of body fluids in seconds. It reduces the risk of splashing, spilling and dispersing germs.

After using the vomit cover, close it with a knot and throw it in a trash can.