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Envelopes HYGIENIC FACILI-T commode chair

Envelopes HYGIENIC FACILI-T commode chair


No more cleaning the bucket!

  • Box of 12 hygienic envelopes with superabsorbent pad
  • Makes collection, transport and disposal safer
  • Prevents the proliferation of odors
  • Reduces cleaning chores
  • Reduces the risk of splashes and spills
  • Limits the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Made from recycled materials


The Facili-T ™ Hygienic Commode / Self-Reliance Chair Covers  are the perfect solution for effectively managing and containing bodily fluids in the comfort and privacy of your own home. They also allow your caregivers to adopt the best method to reduce the number of steps required, which helps reduce the spread of contaminants and make the task simpler and more enjoyable.

The superabsorbent pad contained in each envelope is unique: it absorbs and gels 700 ml and more of body fluids in seconds. It reduces the risk of splashing, spilling and dispersing harmful germs.

This envelope can also be used to transform a simple bucket into a dry toilet.

After using the envelope, tie it up with a knot and simply throw it away.