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FACILI-T folding commode kit


Autonomy, comfort and dignity

  • Free accessories: seat, superabsorbent hygienic covers, unisex urinal kit and wet cleaning gloves
  • Revolutionary and unique technology on the market: Multifunction
  • Designed to fully meet the needs of an elderly, disabled or ill person
  • Use on the toilet
  • Use next to the bed
  • Can replace the toilet booster
  • Can replace grab bars
  • Foldable, easy to store
  • Safe, robust (up to 113 kg / 250 lbs)
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with hygienic envelopes with superabsorbent pad
  • Designed and developed in Canada
  • Read an article on the Facili-T ™ commode in the professional journal of the Joint Association for Occupational Health and Safety in the Social Affairs Sector (ASSTSAS) “Objectif Prévention” (Quebec, Canada) +infos


The “Facili-T ™” Folding Commode / Autonomy Chair is a revolutionary and unique product on the market. It is designed to fully meet the needs of the elderly, people with reduced mobility or sick people of all ages. This chair offers several features that guarantee the maintenance of autonomy, comfort and dignity of the user.

The chair mounts just as well above the toilet bowl as it does next to the user's bed and folds up for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

Can replace grab bars and toilet booster, it is specially designed for people with loss of autonomy and home care.

The chair is made without porous surfaces for easy cleaning.

In addition, the chair can be used with the hygienic envelopes® with superabsorbent pad which makes the collection of body fluids much easier.


-1 seat for "Facili-T" folding commode

-1 box of 12 “Facili-T™” hygienic envelopes for the folding autonomy chair

-1 pack of 14 "hygienic™" wet cleaning gloves

-1 “Hygie” urinal kit: 1 unisex urinal support with 6 hygienic envelopes with superabsorbent pad


-Dimensions of the assembled chair: 66x58x71 cm / 26x23x28 in

-Dimensions of the folded chair: 66x68x18 cm / 26x27x7 in (without the arms and with the legs adjusted to the shortest)

-Internal width: 61 cm / 24 in

-5 adjustable seat-to-floor heights: 43-46-48-51-53 cm / 17-18-19-20-21 in

-Weight: 7 kg / 15 lb

-Maximum user weight: 113 kg / 250 lb

-Minimum space (see the diagram of the installation in a toilet below)

Minimum space - Espace minimum

*Dimensions may vary by 1 cm / 3/8 in.

This product benefits from the return policy +infos