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HYGIE Alu-Classic commode chair - 9kg

HYGIE Alu-Classic commode chair - 9kg


Ultralight and hygienic

  • 100% aluminum
  • Offers great comfort to the user
  • Safe, ultralight, robust
  • Easy access from each side for the caregiver
  • Easy to clean: no porous surface
  • Retractable armrest
  • Adjustable in height
  • Rotation on itself
  • Rustproof
  • Can be used with hygienic envelopes
  • Designed and developed in Canada


Made in Canada, this model is specially designed for healthcare facilities, long term care facilities and can be used for home care.

The “Hygie Alu-Classic ® ” chair is a commode on swivel casters, with independent brakes and is fitted with retractable armrests. It is adjustable to three different heights, also offers back support and has handles for pushing.

The “Hygie Alu-Classic ®  ” chair can replace the toilet by using

hygienic covers and can also be used above a standard toilet.

Used with hygienic covers, the “Hygie Alu-Classic ® ” Commode Chair is the perfect solution to promote safe and reliable practices for containing odors and potentially harmful pathogens in the context of home health care. The superabsorbent pad in each envelope gels 700ml and more body fluids in seconds.


- “Hygie” commode bottomless seat for use with superabsorbent hygienic covers. Product code: AC-SIEG-HY21-SF1

-Box of 10 superabsorbent hygienic envelopes for commode chair and bedpan. Product code: 1-EVB02