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Case of 360 HYGIENIC bowl protectors

Case of 360 HYGIENIC bowl protectors


Hygienic and without flushing!

  • Case of 20 rolls of 18 envelopes
  • Absorbs 700ml and more fluids in seconds
  • Prevents the proliferation of odors
  • Reduces cleaning chores
  • Limits the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Made from recycled materials


The hygienic toilet bowl protectors with superabsorbent pad transform a traditional toilet into a dry toilet, requiring no flushing. They are also recommended in the event of having to dispose of contaminated urine and stool.

In 30 seconds, the superabsorbent pad contained in its hygienic envelope gelates 700 ml and more of body fluids. After each use, simply tie as directed and throw in a garbage can.

The envelope (without its pad this time) is ideal in cases where sample collection is required for medical analysis, or simply when water is not available.