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Caring for your elderly parents: an action plan for children!

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Prendre soin de vos parents agés : un plan d’action pour les enfants !

Our parents mean a lot to us and no one will be able to dislodge them from the place they occupy in our hearts. As we age, our parents' needs increase and we owe it to them to be taken care of more than ever. As a child-adult, we have a noble responsibility: that of taking care of them and helping them to flourish in old age. What steps can we take to take care of our parents? This is what we invite you to discover in the rest of this action plan for their children!

1. Keep in touch and listen to their needs

As a child-adult, several responsibilities weigh on our shoulders: the education of our children, our professional career and the many daily worries, among others. However, as busy as our schedule is, nothing should make us forget our parents and we must listen to them in all circumstances.

Talk to your parents and don't hesitate to ask them questions to find out what they want. Do they want to travel soon? Do they have health concerns? Are they thinking of going to a retirement home? So many points that you can discuss with them to help them better overcome the weight of old age.

2. Monitor their health planning

As we get older, our parents become more vulnerable to illness and must follow a strict health schedule: doctor's appointments, medication and other specific measures. As a child-adult, you have a responsibility to help them take care of their health by taking some healthy steps.

Among other things, you can keep the date of their doctor's appointment, make sure they take their medications on time, and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your parents are sleeping well, eating well, and exercising regularly. These are all measures that will help them age well and reduce the risk of disease.

3. Think about finding a caregiver for them

We all want to take care of our parents, but sometimes the reality is beyond us and we lack the time and energy to ensure our presence. Fortunately, the healthcare industry has grown tremendously and now there are nursing aides whose mission is to care for the elderly.

If you are overwhelmed, do not hesitate to use the services of these health professionals, who are trained to take care of our elderly loved ones. Among their prerogatives: follow-up of medical appointments, ensure medication is taken on time, and take care of their daily needs.

4. Arrange their home

With age, our parents become more vulnerable and the slightest daily glitch can cause them harmful consequences. One thinks of a possible fall which can cause dangerous complications, sometimes leading to death. Your role is to redesign their home, so as to make it much more secure.

First, make sure your parents have enough light in their home. If this is not the case, install additional lamps for them at home, more precisely in places at risk. At the same time, you can equip their floor with non-slip mats and check whether any furniture is disturbing the passage between the rooms. So many measures to take to avoid unnecessary and often harmful risks for your parents.

5. Treat them with respect and kindness

We tend to forget it, but physical health also, if not essentially, depends on mental health. As we get older, our parents may feel lonely which leads them to develop feelings of sadness and stress. Remember all the efforts that your parents put into your education and try to treat them with love and kindness. 

Treating your parents with respect will do them a lot of good morale and touch them the most. By being there for them, by visiting them regularly, by listening to their needs, you will help your parents to age in joy, serenity and good humor. 

Taking good care of our parents: a noble and indispensable mission

By taking care of our parents, we are actually taking care of ourselves. Indeed, our parents represent so much to us that trying to make their daily life more bearable also gives us a great feeling of well-being. By applying the few measures and this action plan, you too can take care of your parents and thus offer them a healthy and fulfilling old age.

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