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Why choose a 3-in-1 commode according to ASSTSAS

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Pourquoi choisir une chaise d’aisance 3 en 1 selon l’ASSTSAS

The FACILI-T ™ folding commode from Hygie combines three pieces of equipment in one: a commode, retractable grab bars and an adjustable booster seat.

Designed in Quebec, mainly for homes and private residences, this chair is also useful wherever space is limited. It is easy to fold up for storage in a cabinet or under the bed.

It is used with a bottomless basin seat . When the chair is not used above the toilet, a bag ( hygienic cover ) is added to the basin seat and an absorbent pad is placed there. This buffer can gel up to 700 ml of liquid in 30 seconds. After use, just tie the bag and throw it away. The constraints associated with emptying and cleaning traditional basins are eliminated.


Variable height at 5 levels (43 to 53 cm) by spring-loaded stop buttons

Dimensions: open - 66 x 58 x 71 cm; folded - 26 x 27 x 7 cm (grab bars removed); internal width - 61 cm

Internal width  : 61 cm

Weight: 7 kg

Capacity: 113 kg

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Source: Rose-Ange Proteau, “Objectif Prévention”, Joint association for occupational health and safety in the social affairs sector (ASSTSAS). Flight. 41, No 1, 2018 (Quebec) Journal of the Joint Association for Occupational Health and Safety in the Social Affairs Sector (ASSTSAS) “Objectif Prévention” (Quebec, Canada)

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