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The Facili-T commode - finalist for the Innovative Products Award

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La chaise d’aisance Facili-T – finaliste du Prix des produits innovants

The Medtrade Innovative Product Awards jury announced that the Facili-T commode chair will  be a finalist for the 2018 edition. The verdict was based on design, innovation and market opportunity for the product.

The Facili-T commode chair  was developed by Hygie to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility and the elderly. It promotes the autonomy, comfort and dignity of its users.

The Facili-T chair is a game-changer  because it allows users to adapt their environment without making compromises. Facili-T  offers all the advantages of classic commode chairs, also with grab bars, while being able to replace the toilet booster. This chair can be used next to the bed and on the toilet. An additional advantage is that the Facili-T  can be folded and stored discreetly! Use with the hygienic envelopes with super-absorbent pad to change your life worry-free.

Facili-T commode chairs  are now available to Hygie customers around the world.

About Hygeia

Hygieia is the North American leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent excreta management systems: commode system, urinal, vomit and bedpan systems, absorbent and hygienic systems. The company's innovative solutions help reduce nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities and increase the autonomy of home users. For more information, visit and .

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