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Make spring a home improvement for people with reduced mobility

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Faire du printemps une amélioration de la maison pour les personnes à mobilité réduite

A daily routine will be necessary for a person with reduced mobility or their caregiver, and the most suitable time to think about home improvement is spring. You need to focus on your daily practices and the duration of each task. Are there better and easier ways to do this? This will help you make improvements and having a routine is essential.

It is also essential to separate the routine into different stages, as this will make the task easier. For example, providing personal hygiene to an elderly person or a person with reduced mobility, such as going to the toilet or personal cleaning, can be a big challenge and sometimes complicated and unpleasant. In order to make this task easier, safer and also to improve the quality of care, great innovations have been made to simplify these tasks. Let's look at them:

Maintaining autonomy, comfort and dignity

The Facili-T  folding commode is a unique and revolutionary product on the market today. It has been developed to fully meet the needs of the elderly or people with reduced mobility of all ages. This chair is specially designed and has essential features that help maintain autonomy, comfort, as well as the dignity of its users.

You can easily install this chair over the toilet seat as well as at the bedside. It can be folded effortlessly for storage in a wardrobe or under the bed for privacy; it can also replace armrests and toilet seats, making it ideal for people with reduced autonomy as well as general home care users. The Facili-T  chair is free from any form of porous surface which makes it easy to clean. The commode can also be used with Hygie's hygienic envelopes with super-absorbent pad to facilitate the collection of bodily waste.

No more bucket cleaning

The Facili-T  hygienic covers for the Facili-T  commode are the perfect solution to efficiently manage and also contain bodily waste in the privacy of your home. It also gives caregivers the privilege of adopting best practices and also reducing the number of steps required to reduce the spread of germs and make the task easier and less intimidating.

Each wrap contains a unique super-absorbent pad that helps absorb and solidify 700ml and more body fluids in seconds. This helps reduce the risk of splashes, spills, and the spread of germs and odors. With the help of this hygienic wrap, you can easily turn a simple bucket into a dry toilet, if you make sure to tie it up and throw it away after use.

Wet cleaning gloves

When bathing or bathing becomes a chore, the hygienic  wet wash gloves are the perfect complement to this product line because they are soft, ultra-resistant and contain no soap or alcohol. They are ideal for home care, for the sick, for the elderly as well as for leisure. The gloves are soaked in a hypoallergenic aloe vera cleaning solution and dermatologically tested. They can be reheated in the microwave to ensure greater comfort for sensitive skin.

Ensure general cleanliness

While these hygiene products help simplify home care, you can also consider spring cleaning on a general scale and make sure the house, cushions, windows, and all other used appliances are refurbished. . Why not take the opportunity to follow up on annual check-ups, change smoke detector batteries, and plan general home maintenance. Consider using the fall detection button when working on the spring home improvement project and check out other smart technological innovations that can be used to improve the standard of living for you and your loved ones. Safety and comfort should always be at your fingertips.

Check the complexity of each task beforehand and consider outsourcing or reaching your local network if you can't do it all yourself. Planning this project will make it much easier to slowly implement into the routine of users and their valued caregivers.

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