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Super-absorbent hygienic cover

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Enveloppe hygiénique super-absorbante
The hygienic covers for Commode are very effective solutions to help manage and contain bodily waste in the comfort and privacy of your home. They also allow caregivers to adopt best practices and reduce the number of steps needed to reduce the spread of germs and make the task easier and less intimidating. The super-absorbent pad that is contained in each envelope is unique; it absorbs and solidifies 700ml and more of body fluid in seconds. It also helps reduce the risk of spills, splashes and the spread of germs. The hygienic wrap is very effective in covering all aspects of cleaning and hygiene, from odor control issues to disinfection. Back then, the introduction of the trash bag was a family revolution, but nowadays no one would throw wet or smelly garbage in a trash can without a bag. It has become a standard because it is a convenient, clean and easy method. The same is applicable to the management of bodily fluids and essential for people with loss of autonomy. The bag with super-absorbent pad was designed for hospital setting and adopted for home care to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility, the elderly and people who care for them. This makes life a lot easier for everyone no longer needing to carry dirty equipment. These covers can be used on the commode , bedpan , urinal and vomit supports . Equipment that facilitates home care For home care to be realistic and to be provided under the best possible conditions, it is important to adapt the environment of the elderly person according to their loss of autonomy. There are several pieces of equipment that simplify tasks, including those related to hygiene, which facilitate the work of caregivers as well as the health of professionals while preserving the lives of those who receive them. Whether it's maintaining their privacy with a commode, preventing falls with supportive equipment, or maintaining dignity with personal hygiene products, quality products and materials should be offered. People with a loss of autonomy who are at home have some protection against infection which tends to spread quickly in institutional settings, such as long-term care centers or retirement homes, especially infections and bacteria. contagious. Apart from this benefit, having the best products and maintaining the best hygiene practices is essential. offers a complete line of hygiene products for home care including a complete line of hygienic envelopes that facilitate the collection, transport and disposal of biological fluids, and limit the spread of odors and contaminants. This product would also reduce the risk of cleaning up floors and spills and limit the spread of pathogens that could harm the health of an already vulnerable senior and intensify his loss of autonomy.

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