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Tips for protecting a senior against COVID-19

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Conseils pour protéger un aîné contre la COVID-19

COVID-19 is a disease whose consequences are particularly harmful for the elderly. Until a vaccine is finally found, we must protect our seniors by adopting preventive measures. In this article, we present some tips to consider to protect our seniors against COVID-19. 

1. Social distancing

If you plan to visit your grandparents in the near future, don't forget to keep a good distance from them. Recent studies have confirmed that COVID-19 can be transmitted through the air, forcing us to observe greater separation with our loved ones. In addition to the face cover or surgical mask that you must wear at all times, try to maintain a space of at least 2 meters with your elders.

2. Wearing a face cover or surgical mask 

We now know that wearing a face cover and a surgical mask protect against COVID-19, by preventing people with the virus from spreading it and healthy people from being infected. Older people need to be more careful when going outside or welcoming loved ones. Do not hesitate to remind your elders of the necessity of wearing the bib in this time of pandemic and show yourself by example by wearing it in all circumstances.

3.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or disinfectant gel.

To protect our seniors against  C OVID-19 , we must remind them of the need to wash their hands frequently, with water, soap or disinfectant gel. As our loved ones are often in poor health and cannot go out shopping, consider buying them essentials such as soap, disinfectant gel and disinfectant pocket wipes. If your elderly parent has limited income, don't expect anything from them and give them this gift.

Wash one's hands

4. Sneeze and cough into his elbow

The  C OVID-19 mainly propagates through the droplets spread when a person coughs or sneezes. In this case, remind your elders of the need to sneeze or cough into the elbow, and do the same if you are close to them. 

5. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose 

Viruses are germs that enter the body through the eyes, mouth, or nose. The  C OVID-19 is also caused by a virus, one must be careful not to touch the face carefully before having his hands. Remind loved ones of the importance of disinfecting their hands before cooking and eating, among other things.

6. Do not share your utensils

If your grandmother invited you to visit her and she plans to bake this apple pie that reminds you of your childhood, don't forget to take your own utensils with you. Indeed, if you are ever a carrier of the virus without knowing it, you must at all costs avoid eating with your loved one's utensils. We remind you that the virus is transmitted mainly through saliva and that eating with a fork belonging to your loved one will make them take ill-considered risks. 

7. Throw away tissues in the trash

As  C OVID-19 spreads virulently, it is important not to reuse facial tissues. In this case, consider getting your parent a box so that they can throw away their tissues as soon as they are used. Also, remind him of the need not to resort to tissue papers and to prefer disinfectant wipes and disposable papers. Otherwise, if your loved one is in a wheelchair, consider hanging a bag on their handlebars so that they can throw away their tissues after use.

8. The need for a healthy lifestyle

This time of pandemic reminds us even more than ever of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Advise your loved one to sleep well, eat well, and exercise regularly. Habits that will help him keep morale, but above all strengthen his immune system. Also, if your parent smokes or drinks alcohol, encourage them to stop bad habits that make them much more vulnerable to the virus. 

Protecting our elders against COVID-19, everyone's responsibility

Ultimately, protecting the elderly in this time of a pandemic is a responsibility that lies with all of us. As our seniors are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we must adopt the right measures to reduce the risks of transmitting the virus to them and to prevent them from the worst. We hope that these tips have been useful to you and that you will consider them with lucidity and reason to protect your grandparents and elderly relatives.

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